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  • REACH,CE,ROHS and CPR Compliant.
  • Anti-Rodent, Anti-Termite
  • 100% Electrolytic Copper
  • More than 101% Conductivity

This cable is ideal for use in domestic applications, electrical switchgear, industrial lighting, control panels, wiring of switchboards, control, general wiring, instrumentation and communication systems. In many countries, it is mandatory to use these cables in

Auditoriums, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Stadiums, and all constructions for public usage.

Conductor Thin strands of Electrolytic Copper are multi-drawn for uniformity of Resistance, Dimension and Flexibility. The drawn strands are uni-laid with high precision and compacted. Thus forming a perfectly circular conductor which enables reduction in overall diameter for space saving in high density wiring.
Conductor Speciality The strands do not get cut when stripping the insulation. The conductor offers perfect contact at pins, terminals and sockets. Thus, eliminating spot heating and sparking.
Insulation Polyolefin cross linked EI5 to BS EN 50363-5 Low Smoke Zero Halogen .
Insulation Conformity EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-3 & EN 60754-1 & 2
Colours Green, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, White
Marking The cables are marked 'FIREX '
Packing 90 mtrs. Coils packed in protective cartons.
Standard BS EN 50525-3-41
Temperature range -15°C to +90°C

The insulation does not burn readily. It does not melt and drip, smoke is negligible, transparent, non-toxic. In a fire situation the people trapped in fire do not suffocate. This facilitates fire fighting and rescue operations. This cable has extended service life against the conventionally used cables. Ozone resistant according to EN 60811-2-1

Cable Design Parameters

Kindly complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of 'xx') for the colour required

01 - Green, 02 - Black, 03 - Red, 04 - Blue, 05 - Yellow, 06 - Grey, 07 - White

Part Number Nominal Cross Sectional Area (Sq. mm) Nominal Insulation Thickness (mm) Number *Nominal Dia. of Strands Approx. Overall Diameter (mm) Max. DC Conductor Resistance at 20°C (Ω/km) Current Rating (Amps)
Casing Concealed
01010101xx60 1.0 0.7 37/0.19 2.6 19.5 17 15
01010102xx60 1.5 0.7 37/0.23 3.0 13.3 21 18
01010103xx60 2.5 0.8 61/0.23 3.6 7.98 30 24
01010104xx60 4.0 0.8 61/0.29 4.1 4.95 41 33
01010105xx60 6.0# 0.8 84/0.29 4.6 3.30 53 43
Advantages - FIREX
Sr. No. Properties FIREX - Cross linked -Thermoplastic (Other Products)
1 Thermal Resistance Max. operating temperature 90°C Max. operating temperature 70°C
2 No change under heat Deform and soften under heat
3 Max. short circuit temp. rating 250 °C Max. short circuit temp. rating 160 °C
4 Structure 3-Dimensional structure Usually linear in structure
5 Hygroscopic nature (Higer water absorption reduces electrical properties) Non Hygroscopic Comparatively hygroscopic
6 Electrical Properties Higher dielectric strength Lower dielectric strength
7 Higher current carrying capacity Lower current carrying capacity
Test Parameters - FIREX
Test Test Method Values
Limited Oxygen index ASTM-D 2863 ≥ 34 %
Limited temp. index ASTM-D 2863 > 350 °C
Smoke density (Light absorption) ASTM-D 2843 < 7%
Acid gas generation IEC-60754-1 < 0.5%