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The right technology to tame the most extreme offshore conditions

SPI Performance Coatings polyurea is used in a variety of waterproofing, immersion and lining applications throughout the Offshore sector.

Offshore assets face common problems such as sea water corrosion, and damage due to impact from vessels, plant and other machinery. Offshore production presents some of the most demanding conditions a coatings system can be subjected to. Constant contact with rough seawater and prolonged exposure to penetrating ultraviolet rays threaten to make the life of a coating system short. But in offshore environments, where frequent maintenance is not an option, coatings must have a long service life. They also tend to require advanced personnel safety considerations given the working conditions. These may include non-skid coatings on decks, high-visibility and fire and heat resistant coating. SPI Performance Coatings polyurea products are a reliable and proven solution, extending the life of Offshore assets considerably, and reducing the risk of failure and contamination.

We have access to the worlds finest coating technologies, and offer a full bespoke support service including recommendations, training of staff and installing machinery packages through to full project management and on site presence. Our NACE trained staff can guide and assist in project development and implementation as well as help with the self auditing of systems.