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SPI Performance Coatings

We are the Exclusive India distributors of Speciality Products Inc offering high performance coatings, professional coating products and a wide range of polyurea coating solutions for the Indian market. We are polyurea suppliers of polyurethane foam and other patented high performance coating materials

SIMONIZ Sealtite®

SIMONIZ Sealtite® was developed after extensive research by engineers specializing in pneumatics, blending applications and mechanical dynamics in USA. This research was aimed at finding an innovative solution to seal tire punctures in the most effective way possible. Using the latest technologies available, durable ceramic fibers were added to the fiber mix and the optimal formulation was achieved A new standard in flat tire prevention was born- A sealant which never corrodes the rims and whose CERAMIC fibers can permanently seal punctures of 3/8 inch – to ½ inch in diameter.  

Slide Sledge

Slide Sledge is a family owned business located in Missoula, Montana. Its roots began with a hand-tool manufacturing company in Dewitt, Nebraska for vise-grip wrenches that was established in 1924. Slide Sledge’s unique linear impact design provides the safest sledgehammer on the market today and are all manufactured in the USA.