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Military grade BOOM

We have worked with the military for a number of years to provide innovative blast mitigation solutions, such as Dragon Shield, which is an advanced blast mitigating polymer. It can be applied to military assets and structures, such as buildings, to mitigate shrapnel or debris penetration. Dragon Shield offers superior energy absorbing and fragment containment capabilities through its unique combination of high tensile strength, elongation, and strain modulus.

The high performance custom patented technologies we provide are aimed at achieving blast mitigation successfully by forming a seamless, super-resistant barrier, ensuring the assets and structures are able to absorb a tremendous portion of the energies of the blast, as well as extending the duration of the blast greatly and therefore reducing the peak shock wave significantly.

As a part of our blast mitigation solutions, we have recently developed an LPG Polyurea and Spray Foam Proportioner that allows trained operatives to easily deploy Dragon Shieldand other blast mitigating solutions within the theatre of operations. This allows the military to quickly deploy this valuable asset protection solution themselves.

We also hold accreditation with JOSCAR, the leading defence industry accreditation supplier. JOSCAR covers the security, aerospace and defence sectors, and is supported by Babcock, Leonardo, BAE Systems, Qinetiq, Nats and Meggitt.